Super Seekrit Padding for Ballet Heels

Hahahaha! Not such a seekrit anymore huh?

I’ve decided to show you a little trick for padding your ballet heels for greater toe comfort and to help with heels that are slightly too large for the foot.

Step One:

Buy a stress ball.  What is a stress ball?









These be stress balls above.

Step 2:

Cut Stress Ball into half using either dress making scissors or a cutting blade, however, the long scissors work the best.

Step 3:

Cut halves into half again.

Step 4:

This is what you should have before you:

4 quarters like this

Step 5:

You will notice a nicely rounded finished edge to your quarter, this side goes toward the front of your ballet heel.

There are two “flat” sides one goes towards the back of the toe section and the top cut part is what you are going to put your toes on.


This will not stop pain all together, but it does give a snugger fit to a too large boot and saves your toes somewhat also.  Stress balls are made from a polyurethane substance that has a memory, so no matter how many times you squash them, they always return to their original form.  Please note, the shoes I have used to demonstrate the fit don’t actually need the little balls, but it was easier for me to show you what I’m going on about with these ones!

Have fun!


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